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Lori Michiel Fitness Senior Advisors & Services

At Lori Michiel Fitness, we have a team of professionals who can be called upon when a condition is challenging. Our experts are in addition to our trainers, that include physical therapists and physiotherapists certified by nationally accredited agencies including NASM, ACE, NSCA, AFFA, ISSA, Yoga Alliance and Stott Pilates.

All of our advisors understand the sensitivity required when a client has experienced a chronic condition or serious illness.

Lori Michiel Fitness is proud to work with and refer our clients to the following advisors within the geriatric and elder care fields. For more information about the services they offer, feel free to contact them directly.

As a Geriatric Care Manager, I have found Lori’s services to be invaluable to my clients. I encourage exercise as an important component to their health.

Lori provides an individualized personal assessment of my clients’ health, mental status and physical capabilities before formulating a fitness program unique to them.

The physical activity contributes greatly to my clients’ general health and well-being. The increased strength and balance provided by the fitness program helps to prevent injuries and life changing fractures. I have found that even clients who have been reluctant to have a fitness trainer begin to look forward to the sessions. The individualized attention and social interaction also lift their mood and decreases their sense of social isolation.

Kathy Lerner, MSW, CMC
Certified Geriatric Care Manager
Options for Caring

Dr. Ken Howayeck
Bone Health Expert

Karen Roth

Georgina Purple
Yoga Specialist

Katherine Lerner, MSW, CMC
Geriatric Care Manager

Jill M. Brink
Geriatric Care Management

Rosanne MacDonald
Hypnotherapist/Life Coach

Kimberly Moss
Owner and Vice President of Operations

Nancy Spear
Tech Tutor

Shari Kalkstein, PTA, MA
Physical Therapy Assistant

Susan Pomerantz
Residential Placement

Susan K. Rice RN, BSN, MBA
Health and Wellness

Dani Klein Modisett
Comedian and Author

Barbara Hament
Senior Care Navigator

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