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Resources for seniors

Lori Michiel

Presentations – list of Lori Michiel’s Presentations and workshops for seniors, professionals who serve seniors

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Helpful Techniques

Exercise Tips

Fat Loss Strategies

How to Overcome Physical Activity Barriers Associated with Arthritis



General Nutrition Tips

Don’t Skip Breakfast



Tips for to building a home gym for seniors

Perceived Exertion Scale


Fitness information from Lori Michiel

Lori Michiel Fitness Blog

Lori’s Exercise Snack Videos

PDF copies of “Fitting News” Newsletters

From a reader of the Lori Michiel Fitness newsletter, Fitting News.
“Aw Lori, you may not have a clue as to how welcoming your latest email is to me!
The hug!
A cherished friend and a very much missed one!
I am a hugger…I give gentle ones and sometimes receive very strong ones…it’s all good!…I always try to ‘love my neighbor’ with my words, my deeds and my smile, even hoping others will see my smile through my eyes as we remain masked when we are out and about.”

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