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On a Fitness Budget? We Have a Solution

Beginning exercise sessions in West Hills, CAHave you ever wanted to start a fitness program, but weren’t sure how to begin? Did you hesitate because you thought a personal trainer would be your last option? Was cost a factor? Time? This is why the Fitness Tune-up program might be your answer.

Fitness Tune-Up Sessions are conducted twice a month as a way to keep your personalized program on track. We start with the assessment session, which will provide the basis for the program you will follow. Subsequent sessions will be a generous 60 minutes with a review of your progress, making any adjustments necessary and keeping you motivated in your fitness journey.

Fitness Tune-Up: Customized, focused and motivating

Is this you?
– Have you ever experienced pain when you exercised and were unsure how it happened? How you could avoid it next time?
– Maybe you’ve received a new diagnosis and need direction on which exercises you can be doing.
– Have you gained weight and can’t seem to lose those last 10 or 20 pounds?
– Are you through with physical therapy and want to continue specific exercises, but time or cost held you back?

“If you want the present to be different from the past, study the past.”
– Baruch Spinoza


After the initial conversation, you will be asked to complete a confidential Health Fitness Questionnaire and PAR-Q, the baseline for your assessment. Then, we’ll arrange for your Fitness Tune-up session with Lori, either at her state-of-the-art West Hills Fitness Studio or utilizing the Zoom platform. During your first visit, together, we’ll review your responses to the questionnaires and conduct an in-person assessment to determine the best program for your needs.

Time commitment – the conversation
We’ll discuss which additional exercises and routines to practice on your own time. The sessions, in addition to inspiring you and keeping you on track, will build your exercise repertoire, so that you are likely to continue. Your workouts will be fun, safe and produce results.

Typically, our regular price for individual sessions can be more expensive compared to Fitness Tune-Up sessions which are offered no less than twice a month. Each comprehensive session is a generous 60 minutes.

It All Begins With a Consultation with Lori

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