Dr. Ken Howayeck

Five Star Onsite Testing

Bone health expert recommended by Lori Michiel FitnessHaving been in private practice over 22 years as a board certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon and surgical instructor, Dr. Howayeck in recent years has dedicated himself to the identification and effective counseling needed to best address osteoporosis and its onset.

Having written various medical self-help books, his most recent and popular book is entitled Bone Health Made Easy.
As a sought-after speaker who attracts many through his comfortable teaching style and ability to clearly dispel the myths that continue to prevail with modern bone health, he founded Five Star Onsite Testing. Five Star’s bone health awareness and screening programs can be found in many clinics, public forums, and with those in these industries having a heightened appreciation for self-empowerment.

Find out more about Five Star Onsite Testing by visiting the website at www.fivestartesting.webs.com.

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