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Contributing to the Community

Small businesses have long been the backbone of their communities, supporting everything from Little League to contributions to their local temple or church. Because owners of small businesses are very closely connected to their communities, they know what is needed in order for surrounding families and areas to thrive. Charitable is just one part of the wave for small businesses to be socially responsible as they focus not only on the greater good of people and the planet.

Lori Michiel Fitness supports several local and health-related charities.

MAPS Charities (Mission to Assist and Provide for Seniors) is an organization that offers one-time emergency funds for local disadvantaged seniors.

Parkinson’s Resource Center In the face of life-changing diagnosis such as Parkinson’s disease, it can be a constant challenge to maintain hope and positive energy needed to move ahead and maintain balance in life. The Parkinson’s Community Los Angeles helps provide emotional support, medical treatment, physical training, and other sources of wellness and relaxation for individuals with PD and care partners.

Alzheimer’s Association Worldwide, 50 million people are living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. No one should face Alzheimer’s alone. You can browse helpful information and resources for those living with or caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or other dementias.

ONEgeneration This organization envisions communities which embrace healthy aging and child development with families enriched through intergenerational relationships.

Lori Michiel Fitness active in community

In Action

San Fernando Valley Marketing and Admissions Professionals for Seniors (SFV M.A.P.S.) is an organization of local senior professional companies working together to give quality personal care to seniors, their families and caregivers. Since 1996, SFV M.A.P.S. has been dedicated to raising the public’s awareness and garnering support for excellence in senior care, the quality of senior housing and services for seniors in the San Fernando Valley. A long-time committee member, Lori helps guide the direction of the organization and orchestrates monthly meeting presentations and speakers.

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