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The Lori Michiel Fitness team is comprised of certified health and fitness professionals dedicated to designing and delivering a personalized exercise program that enhances physical activity and minimizes barriers.

Our expertise, derived from education, professional experience and real-life application, enables us to create safe and effective training programs for all adults. Clear communication and a focus on personal objectives contribute to our clients’ success.

Training is in person or online via Zoom. Our visits encompass a blend of balance, muscular fitness, Pilates techniques and yoga movements, leading to noticeable improvements in energy, flexibility, bone density, muscle tone, arthritis symptoms, self-confidence, sleep and mood. The encouraging news is that, with the right exercise, we can help apply the brakes on decline at any age.

Private Training

Experience personal training at your home or in Lori’s West Hills Fitness Studio. You will benefit from a thorough assessment that includes a partial session, taking into account your health history, current abilities and goals to create a comprehensive fitness plan. Your customized program aims to enhance agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, aerobic capacity and muscular strength, leaving you feeling better than before. Choose your preferred scheduling for a highly productive and motivating experience. Progress reports can be shared with your physician, family or care provider at no extra cost. Customized video programs for you to use in addition to your sessions are available for an additional fee.

Our Trainers

Our trainers possess unique proficiency in instructing safe, integrated programs, empowering you to maximize your life. Independently certified, our trainer team includes kinesiology graduates, physical therapists, physical therapy assistants and physiotherapists – all certified by nationally accredited agencies. They are screened for experience (no less than 10 years), and are attuned to senior clients’ needs. Alongside positive and affirming communication skills, they understand how to modify each exercise for progress.


Following the initial 60 to 90-minute assessment, opt for either a 45-minute or 60-minute session (minimum of twice a week). Inquire about any specials by giving us a call. Kindly review our CLIENT POLICY. We accept payment in cash and personal checks, and through Zelle. We are eager to assist you in living life to the fullest!

It All Begins With a Consultation with Lori

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