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Scope of Practice

What, exactly, do Personal Fitness Trainers (PFTs) do? Remember, we are not therapists, but we can work with your physical or occupational therapist and physician to design a program once we have completed an assessment. Our goal is to keep you safe, work with you to meet your goals and help you transform to a healthier you.



  • Receive exercise guidelines from a physician, physical therapist, or other qualified healthcare providers
  • Follow national guidelines for exercise prescription for medical disorders
  • Screen for exercise limitations
  • Identify potential risk factors through screening
  • Refer clients to medical practitioners when necessary
  • Design exercise programs
  • Refer clients to medical practitioners for therapy
Prescribe diets or
recommend specific drugs
  • Provide general information on healthy eating
  • Refer clients to a dietitian or nutritionist for a specific diet
Treat injury or disease
Monitor progress for
medically referred clients
  • Document progress
  • Report progress to medical practitioner
  • Coach
  • Provide general information
  • Refer clients to a qualified professional
Work with patients
  • Work with clients

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