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Fitness Presentations – Lectures, Workshops, Demonstrations

Lori Michiel - Presentations on senior health and fitnessLori Michiel is available for speaking engagements for your organization or community. Topics can be modified for audiences of seniors, families of seniors or professionals who serve seniors.

Each presentation:
• Identifies and presents the latest trends related to healthy aging and exercise
• Redefines healthy aging techniques to include modifications and progressions of exercises related to your topic

The following are presentations that cover the areas of health, fitness and aging. Click on a presentation topic below to see more about that subject.

Click here to print a copy of the presentations and see details of each topic.

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Resilience - A Requirement for Successful Aging

Resilience goes hand-in-hand with wellness and successful aging. Can resilience be learned? If so, what are the strategies and how can you improve after a set-back?Lecture

It’s a Balancing Act - Building Strength for Better Balance

Have you ever been concerned that you’d twist your ankle or what’s worse…fall? Our balance keeps us youthful and safe. Improve your balance while increasing your strength. As a bonus, balancing can enhance your self-confidence. This is a fun, participant-driven workshop for anyone who wants to improve their over-all balance and control.Lecture/Workshop

If You’re Not Assessing, You’re Guessing

This presentation explains the health and safety assessment protocol when a senior is beginning an exercise program. This includes information about fall prevention, ways to measure progress, assessment tools and when to involve medical professionals.Lecture

How to Stay Motivated, Why Bother Exercising?

Do your promises to exercise fade away within the month you begin them? Do you know how to take charge of your priorities? You will learn to understand the “Stages of Readiness” when you want to start an exercise program no matter what your age. The information in this lecture can be applied to many areas of your life with great results! Learn why “more” is not necessarily better. Are you ready to commit? If not, what’s stopping you?Lecture

Women and Their Health: Importance of Exercise at Our Age

We can agree that exercise and fitness is essential as we move past our 30’s, 40’s. The routines have changed from stretch and bounce to yoga fusion, Pilates High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and CrossFit, but what is right for you and your body? How do we counter slumping posture, dowager’s hump, scoliosis or poor balance? Come ready to move a bit, laugh and change your body without the high risk of pain and injury.Lecture/Workshop

Are You a Super Caregiver? Did You Resolve to Lighten Up and Slim Down This Year?

If you are a caregiver, you know the stress of caregiving comes as a full-frontal assault on the mind and body. Learn how to fill up on your energy and emotional resolve. Throw caution to the wind, get a tune-up for less than an hour and commit to making this a reality. Come join us and play.Lecture/Workshop

Considerations in Personal Training for Aging Adults: Assessment and Safe Implementation of Activities

Have you ever wondered how exercise professionals design their programs for their clients? What is the most important component of your assessment? What are your real strengths and limitations? What precautions need to be considered before the real work begins? What can you learn to do at your own pace once you’ve been evaluated?Lecture/Workshop

Dispelling the Myths of Exercise...Beyond Sets and Reps

Too often we think that more is better: more money, more time; more exercise makes us stronger. The truth as it relates to exercise depends on quality, a creative approach and fun. Proper movement and exercise beyond our youthful years, whether it follows rehab or just after years of inactivity can make the difference between independence and a wheelchair.Lecture/Workshop

Maintaining Fitness Across Cognitive Levels

For those who work with clients with dementia, learn the techniques to make it easier to incorporate exercise with this special population within the confines of a facility, home or adult daycare. What are the challenges and how to work around it?Lecture and Demonstration

Training the Brain to Change the Way We Age

If exercise came in pill form, it would be the most sought-after drug on the market. Playing Sudoku, crossword puzzles or computer games are not enough. Ask the experts why they believe this is so; the research spells it out. Learn why greater physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness improves cognitive function, anxiety and mood in older adults.Lecture and Demonstration

What’s Good about Exercise if I Have Parkinson’s Disease?

We know exercise is good for us, and this is true also for people with PD. Exercise should be considered a standard part of treatment. If you or someone dear to you has Parkinson’s disease, learn what can be done to slow the progression. Start early and watch the benefits unfold in mild to moderate cases.Lecture and DemonstrationLecture

Putting a Stop to Osteoarthritis

A new way of thinking about joints may be tomorrow’s hope in the fight against OA. Learn what steps you can take now to slow the disease with exercise.Lecture and Demonstration

Five Biggest Weight Loss and Fitness Myths

Is it truth or fiction? Are you on the right path or have you bought into the wrong information for years? Learn the truth about weight loss and change your perceptions. Make it easier on yourself to change old habits and start anew.Lecture

Getting Off the Couch Potato Lifestyle

Are you out-of-shape after months or years of inactivity? Have you forgotten how great it feels to have the energy to work all day and even stay awake till 10p.m.? Where do you begin? How can you prevent health problems? No need to feel intimidated, learn some easy and fun techniques without the need of high-tech equipment.Lecture/Demonstration/Workshop

Arm, Core and More Workshops

Shapely arms are great to look at, especially when they’re your arms! Tone up your flabby arms so you can wear sleeveless clothes no matter what time of year it is or what age you are. You’ll participate and learn how to strengthen the muscles associated with your aching back and how to reduce wide hips and gluts.Workshop

Overcoming Physical Barriers to Exercise with a Cancer Diagnosis

Those who are facing the challenges associated with cancer care can learn techniques to better respond to physical activity and exercise from diagnosis to treatment and remission. What does such an exercise assessment and program design look like?Lecture and Demonstration

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