body-shapes-sketch-for-blogI was never quite sure if, genetically, I am built like my mom, dad or their siblings. When I had a weight problem in high school, I was told I was built just like my Aunt Millie, a little zaftig -buxom. Ooh, how I hated to hear those words. Thankfully after lots of soul searching I slimmed down before I hit my twenties. I’m grateful to have inherited positive traits as well such as a strong heart, limbs and a minimal degree of disease. As far as athletics…I am coordinated enough to have performed gymnastics, tennis and ping pong and I ran track. I wasn’t great at basketball; when you’re only 5’2″ there is not much hope you’d be great. Fortunately I had the coordination and endurance to move around the court. I love to dance but was never able to do complete splits in ballet and never destined to become Misty Copeland prima ballerina.

Genetics – DNA is what makes it more natural for us to do what we need to do regarding movement and exercise. Studies show that one in six of us is genetically destined to get very little response from endurance training and one in five has slow metabolism. It’s no wonder that some people would much rather sit most of the day, than go to a gym or work out at home.

Once you know if you are destined to run or sit, you can figure out what mode of exercise will be the most enjoyable and beneficial for your body if you are motivated to do so. You can’t escape the media blitz on the importance of exercise; it is everywhere. You might as well join in and have fun.

Tailor your training for your age-appropriate lifestyle. At some point, all older adults, 50-plus are wise to concern themselves less with how much they bench-press, and focus instead on all-around fitness. If even the former Mr. Olympia (Arnold) must accept the laws of nature, we regular folks should, too. Be sensible.

If you are a beginner, you especially must be careful about doing too much too soon. A good place to start is at the Lori Michiel Fitness website for simple exercise tips or by calling us at 818-620-1442 for a proper assessment. At all stages, training should be balanced and regular, but not all consuming. Wishing you a fit day!

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