Protect yourself: Helpful tips on keeping you and your loved ones out of danger.

I’m a safety girl. I wear a mask in public, follow all the COVID protocols and practice what I preach related to exercise and YET, I still managed to take a tumble last month in broad daylight.

I was standing outside at a hostess desk at a restaurant, perusing the menu, turned to rush out of the way of other patrons and I tripped over an E-scooter. I went down – hard. Between the mask, sun glasses and my impatience, I fell. No one could have been more surprised and embarrassed. Friends were either surprised (there went my pride) or kind enough to remind me I am just as vulnerable to injury as my clients (humbling). Should I have slowed down? Perhaps. In hindsight, it would have been wise.

Here are some ways for you to stay safe while being active whether you are inside or out.

Avoid back pain – repetitive motion is almost impossible to avoid, but you can learn exercises to improve elasticity of the soft tissues in the lower back and strengthen your core muscles.

Keep rugs from slipping – either hold them down with rug anchors or grippers. Be careful not to trip over those frayed edges; cut any that are shredding. If the rugs are worn out, the ends will curl, and you could slip. Consider replacing them.

Osteoporosis is a major health threat – factors that can contribute to this gradual decline in bone mass can improve with changes in lifestyle such as quitting smoking, eating healthy and a regular exercise routine. Exercise must be weight bearing – resistance training with weights and balance training can help our vulnerable bones.

Exercise modifications for arthritis – fortunately, appropriate exercise can help maintain a level of function in the joints and reduce pain associated with inflammation. Strengthening, stretching and self-myofascial practice can safely help discomfort.

Wear reflective gear when exercising outdoors – even in broad daylight, it’s a good idea to make yourself as visible as possible when you go out for a walk, or bike ride.

Use all your senses – be aware of your surroundings whether you are walking or driving. Speeders are everywhere and they think nothing of running a stop sign or stop light.

Always have a plan – sometimes that ounce of prevention means looking ahead and planning for what could happen. Maybe preparing an evacuation route in case of a natural disaster. Create a plan, rehearse it, and you’ll be ready to put it into action instantly if the time comes.

Wash your hands – the COVID-19 pandemic reminded us of the importance of washing your hands correctly and frequently. Looking beyond this virus, handwashing is just a good all-around practice for keeping yourself and everyone else safe and healthy. Remember your favorite 20-second handwashing ditty and keep your new lathering habit going.

Visit your doctor – being pro-active about your health has many benefits. Since we are still in a Pandemic, our visits to our doctor may be far and in between, so remember to get an annual checkup, including blood work. Ask questions about your results. See what changes you can make to your lifestyle. AND don’t forget to wear sunscreen – whether it is summertime or not.

These are just a few, sometimes overlooked ways you can add a little extra safety to your life. This month, we encourage you to think about other precautions you could be taking to make things safer for you and those around you. And remember that physical activity in general helps you feel happier and offers you the chance to do more.

If you would like more information about specific programs to get you started and feeling better about your body, plan to be more active, improve your balance so you remain vertical and confident, or ways to reduce the pain associated with arthritis or injury, contact us. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram, check out our website at for other important fitness information, email us or simply call us at 818-620-1442 for a consultation.

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