Exercise reset You’ve been given this body and you need to take care of it. Does your personal practice include a healthier lifestyle, OR would you prefer to remain in maintenance mode? It’s wise to acknowledge your limitations, but do you have a plan beyond that?

A constant in my life has been an unwavering belief in the preventative and healing power of exercise. Would you want to continue on the same path if it hasn’t been working? Often, I hear my clients say that their doctor told them to exercise because it will help them lose weight, lower their blood pressure or reduce their arthritis symptoms. I commend them for speaking up but is it enough just to hear the words. Do you even care?

My job is to prevent chronic disease from getting worse, and help my clients find joy in movement so it will be easier for them to remain active at their particular stage of life. One way to start is to literally take one step at a time. So, why not just walk… more?

Guard your brain – Walking a few hours a week can cut your risk of a stroke by 30%. Hitting the road also protects regions of the brain associated with planning and memory. Doing it for 30 minutes a day can reduce symptoms of depression by 35%.

Strengthen your bones – Four hours of walking  a week can slash your chances of a hip fracture up to 40%. The more you move now, the more mobile you’ll be later.

Improve your heart health – Take a stroll. A new study found those who walked briskly for 40 minutes two or three times a week had up to 38% lower chance of heart failure after menopause than those who did it less often or more slowly. It can also cut your risk of obesity (a major factor for heart disease) in half.

Walking also does wonders for your balance. If walking is not your thing, get on a stationary bike, dance or just move more than you did yesterday. You’ll see how rewarding pushing yourself will feel as you start the New Year. Spare yourself from discomfort and disease down the line.

Lori Michiel Fitness is a motivator whose approach to her clients is personal and real. If you feel your needs are unique, ask Lori for an assessment so you can learn the correct form and functional exercises that are best for your particular life stage. Then decide which direction you’d like to go.

If you’re considering adopting new habits and changing your priorities in 2020, contact us via email or call 818-620-1442. For inspiration, check out our website, follow us on Facebook, or subscribe to our YouTube Channel. We see fitness differently!

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