Fun during quarantineThis month, I wanted to treat my readers to what a special friend and comedian wanted to share. Roberta Gold, R.T.C., CHP – Laughter for the Health of it – is talented and very wise. I thank her for her time and love.

The past five to six months have been unlike anything most of us have experienced in our lifetime. The Coronavirus has swept us into another dimension that has changed everything from social gatherings to workdays to walks along the beach.

Many are now living as multi-generational families with adult children moving back home and bringing grandkids. And if you don’t have the kids/grandkids with you, then it is even harder since your interactions are mostly over electronic devices and Zoom calls. Physical distancing makes personal touch something we long for and young kids are actually thinking it is normal to not run and give hugs. Very sad. Click here to read Roberta’s suggestions for keeping the fun alive during quarantine

It’s September, the end of summer and the return of the kids to school. The majority of schools are continuing with online classes. Having a house full all the time takes its toll on our psyche even for the best of families. When things get crazy and you are at the point of losing it, close your eyes, take a deep breath, count to 10 while visualizing a calm place. Open your eyes, put a smile on your face (this actually will change the chemicals in your brain to thinking you are happy) and take a break from whatever you were doing. Then continue what you were doing with your refreshed attitude or do something else.

Here are some tips to help keep your sanity while keeping the kids happy as well:

  • Make a plan for fun – it seems like a no-brainer that we want to have fun, however it is the first thing we give up when time is short. By planning for fun, you schedule it into the day and stick to doing something you really enjoy.
  • Make a list of everything you enjoy doing – alone and with others. Separate those things you can still do in our current situation. Rank them from most likely to do first as well as how long each may take. This way you have a go to list of things you enjoy, for five minutes or five hours.

A few suggestions of some things you may enjoy:

  • Have the kids/grandkids come up with ideas for meals and let them help cook or measure ingredients or just stir with a wooden spoon. Allowing them to be part of the planning and preparation for dinner will engage them with you and insure they will eat what is made.
  • If the kids are a bit older, have a “Chopped” competition. Put out a few random ingredients and see what they can make.
  • Have a comedy night where you share jokes and the jokes can be specific, such as Knock-Knock jokes or jokes about animals or places. Make sure everyone is involved – this can be done over Zoom if they are not with you.
  • Do something physical

-set up an obstacle course using the couch pillows
-go on a nature walk around the neighborhood
-hide things in low and high places and have the kids find them

There is no perfect fix-all, however giving your mind a reset so you can change your attitude will definitely help.

Roberta Gold, R.T.C., CHP, is an author, motivational speaker and attitude adjustment coach at Laughter for the Health of it where you can sign up for her free newsletter. For more tips go to her YouTube channel for The Attitude Adjustment Minutes.

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