How to use resilience against painDiscover ways to overcome pain and adversity and put a positive spin on any setback.

We are either born with a sense of resilience or can develop it with time and patience. Adapting to difficult situations, such as pain from a chronic condition such as arthritis, or a divorce or death, depends on knowing what to do–rather than feeling helpless.

A study in PLoS, an open access website publisher for science and medicine, showed that people with arthritis who were more optimistic, hopeful and resilient, feel less fatigue. Nurturing resilience also helps buffer the effects of severe discomfort in people with knee, hip and back pain.

As we move into 2021, it is natural to strive to better ourselves and make changes through resolutions. Those who are highly resilient have a better understanding of how they can fight against their conditions and are more likely to follow a healthy regime. Each of us approach this skill differently, but believing in yourself is key. Here are a few strategies to try:

1. Change your perspective by retraining your brain – stop doing what doesn’t bring you reward. Assess your priorities.
2. Find humor in your situation – laughing is therapeutic and so is play. Do things you have never done or haven’t in a long time; explore.
3. Practice gratitude – write up your mantra and affirmations.
4. Adopt physical or psychological coping skills – consider seeking out a professional who is a good match for your personality.
5. Expect the unexpected – life is full of surprises. We can fight it or go along to get along.
6. Create a support team – get involved in your community and volunteer.
7. Exercise! A regular walk and a short exercise routine done regularly will do wonders for building both physical and mental resilience. Check out our Exercise Snack Videos for helpful exercises that you can do at home.

For additional ways to become more resilient and keep arthritic back and joint pain at bay, you can visit our YouTube channel, and celebrate a NEW Year for a New You! We offer personal in-home and virtual training. Join us on Facebook and Instagram. You may also contact us via email or call 818-620-1442. We see fitness differently!

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