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Osteoporosis and menWhile it is more common in females, by age 65 or 70, men are losing bone mass at the same rate as women. In May we recognize Osteoporosis Awareness & Prevention Month. Coming up, Men’s Health Month is in June.

It takes more than milk to keep bones strong. Breaking a bone is connected to a higher risk of death in older adults, says Nicole Didyk, M.D. When men suffer hip fractures, they are twice as likely as women to die within a year or two. The Endocrine Society recommends that all men 70 and older, and those at higher risk over 50, get screened. Bone loss can’t be stopped completely, but quitting smoking, exercising correctly (being careful not to rotate excessively) and getting enough adequate nutrition (not too much protein or processed foods) can help. Calcium and vitamin D may prevent or slow it down.

My husband and I are living proof. We exercise often and have improved our bone density, slowing the progression of bone loss. It is vital to our independence. We do “functional” movements that resemble real life activities. An example might include stepping numerous times on various heights (steps) in different directions and using resistance equipment (bands or weights) to add load to the hip and spine. The tempo can be changed from a 1:2 count to a 3:3 (time under tension technique) which can be effective and yet rarely used. The number of sets and reps will vary depending on how strong you are when you start a program. If you are more sedentary because of arthritis, follow the Arthritis Foundation guidelines and remain safe.

Inactive adults can reduce their disability risk by doing additional moderate exercise such as walking (at least 50 minutes per week). Nearly half of adults over 70 don’t get enough. And for SURE – DON’T Forget the CORE!

Adapt to how your body changes and remain vertical for longer than you thought. If you’d like more tips from an expert to be more vibrant, reduce the pain associated with arthritis or injury and increase your balance, we can do a fun fitness assessment to gage the best way to start. You can also refer to our FAQ page aka Questions and Answers, follow us on Facebook or check out our website at www.LoriMichielFitness for other important fitness information, email us or simply call us at 818-620-1442 for a consultation.

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