Taking care of painChange your address before pain moves in permanently.

I am tired of my left thigh hurting. I know I have arthritis in my hip, but I needed to dig deeper and find out why I have this new sensation. At first, I thought I could diagnose myself, but it is taboo to do so according to the “Scope of Practice” guidelines. This is the framework that defines who is legally authorized to provide and is paid for services within a professional industry. As a personal trainer, I am not authorized to diagnose. So, I reached out to a trustworthy resource, my physical therapist. During his assessment, he said my pain might be coming from my back and referred me to a physical medicine doctor to get more answers. It would have been beyond his “Scope of Practice” to say or do more. I will share more, as I know more.

Since it is “Healthy Aging Month”, I thought I would share my story. We all need to remain healthy and strong because we have a responsibility to ourselves first. Even the most dedicated workout warriors can fall off the wagon from time to time, especially when there is a health crisis. Keep your body moving the best you can as you cope with the transitions that life throws your way.

If you would like more information about specific programs to get you going or re-start a program you let slide, I can help. It is sure to improve your confidence, balance, flexibility, and strength. Please call 818-620-1442 or email. I will respond within 24 hours. You can also follow us on Facebook, or LinkedIn for important fitness updates.

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