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Fate lends a handLooking back at life, can we be satisfied with our choices?

I was 14-years-old, living with my mother and sister on Long Island. It was the summer of ‘68 when my mother decided to take advantage of a great offer. She surprised us with airline tickets to sunny California. It felt as if we had just won the lottery.

What happened next changed everything. A week before we were ready to leave, I received some bad news. I FAILED my Algebra regents. I ONLY missed by two points, but just the same, I was devastated. My body felt as if it was shutting down. I had to decide whether to go to summer school and retake the test or face being “placed” in a remedial Plain Geometry class.

A California adventure was a chance of a lifetime and yet I was torn as to what to do. I could not fully grasp how this decision would change my life forever! Being a teenager, I wanted to go to Disneyland, take a private tour of Warner Brothers Studios, have the chance to slither down the Topanga Slide and visit Universal Studios where famous actors roamed. I wanted to eat my first taco and the feel the warmth of the sidewalk under my bare feet.

It’s obvious by now that I opted for my California adventure. However, once September rolled around, I had to face my demons. My new strategy, laid out by my Guidance Counselor, offered me a chance for reprieve. I could switch majors from academics to business and forgo all the courses I knew were only going to hold me back even further – more math, science and language. Instead, I enrolled in bookkeeping, office practice, keypunch, typing and other assorted administrative classes. By eliminating the former, I had a fighting chance to succeed and regain my identity.

And so, as I found myself near graduation, I didn’t have lots of choices for admittance to college. Even so, I submitted applications up and down the eastern seaboard. Somehow my fantasies of entering a four-year college never materialized. Just the same, reality hit again. I was destined to follow another path. So off I went to junior college.

Then G-d had another plan for me. I contracted mononucleosis (back then it was called it the kissing disease) near the end of the first semester. I was told I needed bed rest. The doctor assured me if I took it easy during the day, I could go to school at night. I took his advice and enrolled in psychology and business law…then dropped out.

My ambitions were changing, and Manhattan was calling. I accepted a job as a receptionist in an accounting office. I was loving the city life, becoming independent and moving towards adulthood.

I’ve learned that one size does not fit all. I was worried I might have screwed up my life when I chose to go to California and yet, fate jumped in and my destiny was changed forever. Had I gone to summer school that year and not visited California, I might not have returned.

Is there a time when you had a major event happened that changed your life?

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