When my mind wants to relax, I read a book or the newspaper, but ONLY the Wall Street Journal. I also read a lot of health and fitness magazines. One of my favorite publications is Prevention magazine. It is loaded with great information. I find their articles either support what I already know about health and fitness or teach me new ways to stay ahead of the curve. Since February is The American Heart Month, I would be doing my readers (you) a disservice, if I didn’t talk about heart health.


The heart20100214_heart_of_hearts-300x231 toning truth is that despite the proven toning power of exercise, less than 20% of us do it regularly. A recent study found that just one full-body workout a week significantly cuts heart disease risk by reducing, not only body fat and making you leaner, but also by reducing cholesterol, glucose and, triglyceride levels. “…Elevated levels of blood sugar and cholesterol INCREASE your risk of cardiovascular disease OVER TIME, and excess body fat produces inflammatory proteins that further increase your risk for heart disease,” says study author Clemens Drenowatz. (Source: Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport)

As with any information, which fitness professionals, doctors and other healthcare providers recommend, people will still do what they want. The changes in behavior only come if you want it badly enough. My experience and reasons for exercise are mine and mine alone. All I can say is that once you are injured (as I was recently) and know that exercise can help you get back on your feet, you will start moving and hopefully never stop!

Please be sure that whichever exercise-related choice you make, your program should be designed to maximize the benefits with the fewest risks of aggravating your heart health or physical condition. Consider contacting us, certified health and fitness professionals, at 818-620-1442 for an assessment. We can work with you and your health care provider to establish realistic goals and design a safe and effective program that addresses your specific needs. See more here.

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