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Mood buster tipsWe have to age, but we don’t have to get old: a recipe for six mood boosters to brighten bumpy days.

When my friend, Joan, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) 10 years ago, her daughter gave her a jar filled with silly trinkets and slips of paper with inspiring messages.  She would pull a message from the jar once or twice a day, depending on how she felt.  Each note she read brought a smile to her face for that moment in time. She called it her “sunshine” list.

Having mood busters is a smart way to cope with pain of any sort. When you’re hurting, it’s tempting to withdraw, feel sorry for yourself. Fun activity can take your mind off the ache and brighten your outlook.

You can create your own sunshine list of items or activities that bring you joy. Include a mix of simple or more complex options. A few suggestions to consider may be:

  • Listen to some music from happier times. If you still own vinyl records, and a turntable, pull out a few albums and start listening. If you don’t have any vinyl, there are many other options – even television cable stations have specialized music channels you can dial into.
  • Along with listening to music, start moving those tootsies around. Dance as if no one is watching and you’ll laugh your a—off.
  • Watch a funny show. If you can’t find one, ask a friend who has similar tastes.
  • Work on a hobby you may not have touched in a while or start a new one. When I was on vacation recently, I took a painting class and now I am signing up for one the local college.
  • Spend some more time outdoors. If it is too cold, bundle up and breathe some fresh air. Don’t over think it, just do it.
  • Journal your emotions. List what you are thankful for. Feeling gratitude has been shown to reduce depression.
  • Create your own mantra. For example, “if one door closes, two or more open”. Worrying solves nothing except more worry.
  • And, finally, exercise is an exceptional way to kick away the blues. Click here for some suggestions.

Since the end of the year is almost here, think about how you want to make way for a fresh start in 2019. Anything is possible and if I can help, please reach out by either emailing me at LoriM@LoriMichielFitness.com or visiting my website to set up a time for an exercise consultation. All the information you need is there.

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