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Choices: Lori Michiel Ping PongFiguring out who we are today means sitting down and taking stock of our current strengths, weaknesses, values and preferences in life.

Did you ever try to figure out why we develop certain characteristics that seem contrary to our behaviors as a youth? When we hit middle age, we start to notice the choices we made may be different than those we made earlier in life.

If you are introspective as I am, I question the “why”. Why don’t I feel as impulsive as I did when I was young and felt more like a daredevil? Fears on most levels were not part of my consciousness. For instance, surfing – actually I only learned to use a boogie board because there was no one around in New York to teach me; ice skating – I was great at spinning, jumps and crossovers and now it’s not so easy to find a rink. Skiing came easy except when the snowboarders came on the scene, it was scary because I didn’t want to get hurt. Most of these activities and exercises have been replaced by others, not because of access, but as a senior I have made other choices to remain active. According to Mark Leary, Ph.D, professor emeritus of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University, “one reason may be that our values, reactions, preferences, needs and expectations have shifted over time, but your self-concept hasn’t kept up”.

My self-concept has shifted, yet it doesn’t mean I sit still. I am still rediscovering new challenges and taking stock of what’s ahead. I refuse to stop moving. I’ll figure out new ways to remain active by using my own equipment such as my resistance bands and stability balls or Pilates reformer. I also plan to learn how to play Pickle ball and return to playing ping pong on our new table. It’s not only fun, but it is great for our body and brain.

We all have the power to change the course of our health and remaining active in some way or another (add your activities on your daily calendar like anything else of importance). It makes us feel youthful and important.

What plan do you have to take the lead on change this year? Embrace new challenges and reassess your values that can lead to feeling more fulfilled. “If we’re looking at ourselves through an old lens of who we are, we take those outdated views into our future and make decisions based on that”, says Michele Patterson Ford, Ph.D

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