38920759_xl (2)I have known for many years that being super organized is one way I exert control over my life. I can’t remember when I felt otherwise, except I can trace it back to my parents’ divorce when I was 10. Another time, not long after, a few friends came over my house to hang out and the next thing I knew, they were tormenting (bullying) me. It left me feeling scared, hopeless andangry. Instead of dealing with my feelings head on, I smothered myself in extra dinners, ice cream at Friendly’s or Baskin & Robbins along with who knows what else. As a teenager, I allowed myself to let food control me. It took me 10 years and a lot of introspection to learn I could control it. I chose the positive path.

If you have similar feelings, whether it pertains to food or you chose to ignore chronic pain (which can be controlled), think for a moment about what you can do to control it. Trusting in people who care about you helps you see another side of you…heed their advice. Sometimes practicing self-control and reducing negative behavior (never easy) is a challenge we can learn to accept.

So, take action (one of my favorite blog themes). Then take a few more minutes and allow me to teach and inspire you in ways to reduce your pain. Our Exercise Snack Video fitness tip of the month is waiting for you to view. I wish you well. Good luck!

If you would like to learn more about the safest and best ways to stay strong and reduce the effects of disease and have fun doing it, visit our website at www.lorimichielfitness.com or contact us via email or call 818-620-1442. We see fitness differently!

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