Stress management and exerciseWhen you are committed to recovering from high conflict issues plaguing your life, how do you get started on a wellness path?

Divorce, high conflict custody issues, recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, and other addictions that have you feeling stressed and out of control, can wreak havoc on your life. Ilene Fletcher, Executive Director of Family Visitation Services, Inc. says, “I see firsthand what happens when individuals find themselves at the mercy of the court system. It takes its toll both financially, and emotionally. If they can figure out ways to self-handling stresses and figure out what part they played in the conflict, it will help them avoid going down the same path repeatedly. Embracing the emotional pain by making life-affirming change, such as eating better and getting started on an exercise routine, can be the catalyst to getting you healthier.”

Most of us have experienced some sort of struggle during our lifetime. We all have our story. Those who choose to make the positive shift in their life can benefit by releasing pent up tension by exercise and moving more.

Whether you want to end a marriage (personal or professional), deal with custody issues, or have lost your job, ask yourself, what physical changes you can make that might be worth exploring. Self-care is so important. In order to re-create your life in a different light, you’re going to have to create one that includes taking care of yourself. If you keep repeating the same mistakes, then you’ll keep reaping the same negative rewards.

Break the cycle – There are ways to get started that do not have to be complicated.

Get up and go outside – A brisk walk makes your body feel better and it also boosts your mood instantaneously. Just being in nature (backyard, park, etc.) fills you with energy and makes you feel more vital.

Stop dwelling on negativity – Obsessing about things you cannot change traps you in a vicious cycle, increases stress, and limits your ability to solve problems. If you’re prone to falling into circular thought patterns, try to catch yourself the next time you’re ruminating and redirect: take a walk, play a game on your phone, or start a new hobby.

Other Ideas – Change your relationship with food and friends, search the internet, try a class, hire a trainer, go dancing. Follow someone with a good routine on YouTube.

Think of the possibilities.

“It is only possible to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER on a day-to-day basis.”

– Margaret Wander Bannano, American sci-fi writer

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