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Scheduling an exercise programMichael J. Fox inspires us all. A recent Neurology Today article said, “His attitude is to bring new things into his life – writing, golf – to fill in for what he’s lost along the way. And these things don’t take energy. They generate it.”

Sometimes when we are in pain, exercise is not typically on our “top ten” hit list. Being unafraid to exercise and overcoming the fear of movement can open the door to a more active, less painful life. Without a program to tame your concerns, discomfort can persist. So, think about prescribed exercises for neuropathy caused by diabetes, chemotherapy treatment, chronic musculoskeletal conditions, heart disease, neurodegenerative disorders (Parkinson’s) or non-specific conditions. Or you may be considering losing weight which minimizes physical activity.

Work with a professional who can gauge the level of your fear and help build confidence. Progress slowly. Instead of trying to walk or run a mile, set smaller, achievable goals like walking around the block or using an exercise bike for ten minutes a few times a week, then add five more minutes every few weeks. Reaching incremental goals can help you recognize that you are able to be physically active, while looking at your achievements over a week or two can motivate you to keep moving.

Here is a guideline to help:
– How much aerobic exercise should you get per week? 150 minutes according to the U.S. Department of health and Human Services.
– Does lifting weights help support joints? Yes. Having strong muscles can take the pressure off of the joint which may lessen arthritis pain.
– Is it okay to feel some pain while working out? Yes. Mild soreness is a normal part of a program, if done correctly.
– How long should you warm-up before exercise? It’s best to do 5 to 10 minutes to boost circulation and reduce stiffness (which may lead to a fall) to help fend off injury.

If you want more information about stretching, balance, getting relief from arthritis symptoms, practice on a specific concern that has been nagging you, or need accountability from someone who understands your desires, we can help. We are trainers, teachers and advocates for you.

Call us at 818-620-1442 to start the conversation about the benefits of a guided assessment with a certified trainer that can teach you ways to adapt your daily movements in ways you may not have thought of. Check out our website at LoriMichielFitness.com for other important fitness information including our FAQ page, aka Questions and Answers, and follow us on Facebook. You can also email us to request a consultation.

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