Healthy lifestyles include fitness and nutritionWith each passing year, older adults become more concerned about their health and how their bodies will hold up over time. As aging worldwide becomes more of a reality, we need to recognize what holds us back from our ultimate best. How do we avoid the pitfalls (literally and figuratively) and live our best life? 

Determined, strong-willed and physically active adults are less concerned about remaining healthy and strong; however, there is pessimism among some Boomers who feel “middle age” is here to stay.

According to a 2014 PEW Research survey, when Boomers want more information about their health they sought health professionals as their number one trusted source of information. The internet came in second. The most important topics of interest included vision, diabetes, heart disease, nutrition/weight management, arthritis and high blood pressure. Of the 79 million Boomers who now account for 26% of the total U.S. population, they prefer not to abide by the adage that “old age” starts at 65. They typically believe that old age doesn’t begin until age 72. In fact, the typical Boomer feels nine years younger than his or her chronological age.

Also, due to the greying of America, the Wall Street Journal states that private country clubs are experiencing a decline in male-dominated memberships and they need to have something in place to counter the effects of the drop in revenue. Boomers are apparently playing less golf often due to bad shoulders and backs, balance issues, and they can no longer endure playing nine holes. Some clubs are attracting more females by offering fitness classes. Cross-training (exercises that strengthen bodies in other ways to complement golf activity) could enhance membership. Hopefully, men will join in.

As an expert in fitness and eldercare, my clients’ concerns about aging are foremost on their mind. They want to do something more than complain to their kids and spouses. By acting, they can avoid pulling back from living life and begin to live life to their full potential.

If you want to learn the basic approach to a personal fitness program, without the risk of injury, or need to learn correct form in less time than you think, my Fitness Tune-Ups program might be the answer! An assessment and evaluation is the first step toward making that change which will ultimately have a positive outcome on your attitude moving forward.

For more information on ways to change your behavior or learn more about the safest ways to stay strong and reduce the effects of disease while having fun doing it, visit our website at www.lorimichielfitness, contact us via email us or call us at 818-620-1442. We see fitness differently!

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