Exercise in WinterWhile many people are writing about year-end in their blogs and social media, I wanted to shift the conversation to focus on personal feelings.

Yes, of course I follow my fellow bloggers, but some of these blogs can bring up bad feelings. Maybe they are writing about the seasonal winds and fires in California that scare the crap out of us, or information shared from news circulating in print and social media—or even being overwhelmed with end-of-the year festivities. I try to keep calm although I have yet to formally start a meditation routine. Instead I remain true to my everyday exercises to keep me centered.

When people ask me about the best time to exercise, I share this –

For a.m. exercisers: When you wake up, it’s dark and cold. Your bed is warm, and you want to stay snuggled up. If you do press the snooze button, promising yourself you’ll get up and exercise a few minutes later, you probably won’t.

For p.m. exercisers: It’s dark and cold again when you drive home from work. Even when the days are warm, they’re still too short to allow you to take a nice, leisurely evening walk. It’s easier to shed your work clothes, make a nice dinner, relax and forget about exercising.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into these habits! While the fact that winter is winter won’t change—even in Southern California—if you allow the time of year to affect your exercise habits, you’re basically just latching on to another excuse to be sedentary. I challenge you to defy the season and remain active! Just a little bit of movement and exercise goes a long way…and even a few minutes of physical activity can lift your mood.

Here are a few tips to get you exercising in the comfort of your home, regardless of how dark and cold it is outside:

  • Get a great workout using resistance bands. See the Using Resistance Bands page of my website to learn more.
  • Use your home exercise equipment for its intended purpose…not as a clothes hanger!
  • If you don’t have a treadmill and you seek an alternative to the cardio exercise you usually get outdoors, try walking briskly up and down your stairs.

Don’t let winter make you a couch potato!

In closing out the year, I want to leave you with good thoughts, health and lots of laughs. If you want to laugh now…click here to view my last video of the year. Please watch; it is funny. Enjoy and be well in 2020 and beyond.

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