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LMF_SoundOfMusicPosterDuring my most recent trip in June to New York City, I had the chance to remember the good feelings that arise when I see a Broadway show. While there, I saw four shows in total, and was reminded that there is nothing like the beat of Broadway. It is unlike a movie – constantly moving and changing. I am a New Yorker at heart, and you might even say I’m somewhat of a Broadway snob in that I prefer to see the original Broadway cast, as I did when I saw the Sound of Music starring Mary Martin and Theodore Bikel at age seven. In this last visit, I spent time with my dad and reminisced about the first show he took me to; coincidentally, he was also in the music business working for some of the largest music publishers of our time, and I was exposed to their tunes as well.

Even after returning home to the West Coast, I find that listening to a musical soundtrack over and over again brings me right back to my seat in the audience, the energy that reverberates through a group of strangers sitting next to one another. When I play the music for my students, I go back there as well – I hope to take them there.

LoriMichielMotownThis month, I devote another blog post to music, simply because its benefits and health effects – and its positive influences on my life – are endless! Just as I mentioned in last month’s blog, music can be a valuable therapy for older adults with dementia and other physical or mental impairments. Since New York is very present in my mind, Broadway music most excites me because it tells a story, and I love stories. For others, music can be a tool for communicating or exploring feelings – whether they’re jovial, upbeat, angry, or grieving. It can also provide diversion from discomfort or pain, decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety, and allow for deep memories to emerge, making us feel alive and present in both our bodies and minds.

Simply put, the power of music cannot be underestimated. I urge you to fill your home and heart with music today – perhaps a favorite from your childhood, or a new piece you’ve just heard about through the grapevine. Call Lori Michiel Fitness at 818-620-1442 or email us through this contact form to embark on your fitness journey – it will almost certainly be musical.

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