Each year at this time, the Fit and active seniorInternational Council on Active Aging® (ICAA) helps promote wellness. This year “Inspiring Wellness” is the theme.

Ever since I became a personal fitness trainer, I was drawn to working with seniors. I never had any doubt that would be my focus. Over 12 years ago, when I learned about ICAA and their efforts aimed at spreading the word about active aging, I jumped in. They have always been ahead of the curve. This month they want others to get involved and create clever campaigns to increase awareness and passion for fitness.

ICAA – What they do

The International Council on Active Aging® is an association that leads, connects and defines the active-aging industry, supporting organizations and professionals that develop wellness environments and services for adults over 50. Each year during Active Aging Week, people all over the country can celebrate activity and movement. Active Aging week is Sept 23-29, click here to learn more.

 What can you do?

If you know of anyone who volunteers or works in an assisted living community or at a senior center, ask them to put you in touch with the Program Director or Activity Director to help build awareness this month. Perhaps a class presentation that focuses on nutrition, understanding the role geriatric managers play in our society, ways to celebrate your biggest muscles, how to get in shape before surgery, outdoor fitness games, preferred ways to treat diabetes, best ways to counter arthritis or how to go from medication to meditation. Even the most clever and creative people in the senior industry appreciate your suggestions.

 Make YOUR life more active

I like to think I encourage people just by being myself and allowing my passion for fitness and health to shine. If you make the effort, you’ll end the doubt about exercise, which gets you nowhere. Crafting  lifestyle changes are hard because people do not like change. One of my top tips for becoming more active as we age is using a simple pedometer. They are worth trying because the long-term effects of monitoring your steps each day, according to a 2018 article in PLOS Medicine, a peer-reviewed medical journal, will lead to “higher activity levels, long term”.

Share a heartfelt story about your positive experience with exercise. Maybe you inspire people because you look youthful and act more confident. Suggest they go outdoors whenever possible for a walk alone or with a friend, check out a different Farmer’s Market than they typically frequent and talk to the vendors about new ways to cook healthier meals.

 Importance of exercise can never be ignored

There are countless functional benefits to exercise. Try new methods of doing things such as bigger steps to your car; improving the way you sit or turn in a seat, going up stairs or getting into a bathtub. Think of the way you lift groceries, put things on a shelf, pick things off the floor without pulling your back out–all can  be made easier. Reduce the effects of aging, delay the disease. Pretend you’re reading this information for the first time and believe you can replace your old habits with new ones that will endure over time.

Hire a personal trainer. Lori Michiel Fitness can come to your home and develop a customized exercise program to jumpstart your Active Aging Week. For more information about choosing a personal trainer specializing in senior fitness, check out Lori’s website page “Why Choose a Certified Trainer?”.

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