lmf_octblog2imagine300x400_090516Do we need to fall before we fly?

There are countless times I wanted to squirm after I said something embarrassing or unkind to someone before thinking it through first. My husband is very wise. He’ll always say, “forgive yourself and move on.” I tried it last week and it worked! I learned my lesson!

Then there was the time I shared a new business idea with colleagues in the aging community. I planned to start a group exercise class at my home gym (Lori’s West Hills Fitness Studio) and donate the proceeds to charities. I did the class, it was fun, BUT scheduling the class was a nightmare. I learned my lesson. Next time I’ll think it through more carefully before promoting a project without a full plan in place. Still, I consider the “class” experience a success and I continue to donate to charities.

There is a saying, “when one door closes, another opens”. It is one of my favorites. I altered it a bit … “if one door closes, two or more open.” I turn these sayings into affirmations. Whether it pertains to something personal, business, career or something as simple as finding a parking space in the most obscure places. Repetition works. The appeal is addicting, but in a good way.

Over the years my attitude has shifted to a more positive one. Like many people, I’ve experienced success and failure. When I experience failure, I tell myself to think: it will be okay in the end. I might not see it now, but it will rear its head, if not, the lessons are there anyway.

What are the lessons you have learn from your mistakes? Is it all in the timing? Fate? Can we reinvent ourselves over and over?

If something is stopping you from being your authentic self, ask yourself why?

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