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The message is clear: reduce the effects of the physiological ravages of time by using balancing progressions – stand tall, pull in your stomach and breathe. If you think it’s a lot to remember, you’re right.

I call this process Exer-tasking. It is different than multi-tasking because it is specific to exercise rather than general multiple tasks we perform every day.

In the fitness industry, Exer-tasking is a given if you want to produce desired results. The dynamics of these exercise techniques can improve how to breathe with more purpose, stand with more confidence, improve gait instability, protect your back from injury and improve your balance (center of gravity).

Anyone who has trouble connecting with their body can benefit. You can learn to improve all aspects of your mobility and remain vertical (staying off the pavement or bathroom floor), safely.

When we were younger, we took for granted that balance was a natural part of life, then we notice we aren’t so steady, so sure of ourselves. Creating new pathways in our brain can increase our chances of reducing muscle loss (sarcopenia) and produce more positive effects in our balance. It might sound cliché, but it is true. Even the smallest change, done on a regular basis, can produce Big results! You do have to work at it. There is no excuse. As we age, we could hit the pavement and at any time we could break more than our pride.

For anyone who has fallen, there are many excuses we give ourselves and others. For example:  I didn’t see the step, my foot got caught, or I forgot to lift my foot, etc. With correct, consistent training, it can be avoided.

It takes motivation to change. Cut through the bad habits and conquer procrastination before it takes over. Maybe a wedding, a river cruise, trip to see your family or other special events can change your attitude. But once it is over, you need to keep going.

My trainers and I create programs that bring awareness to our clients’ bodies through Exer-tasking techniques. Experience speaks for itself. My trainers and I have a combined hundreds of years of experience working with seniors and exercise, so unnecessary accidents don’t happen. Read more about the importance of balance.

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