Cathie-Ann Lippman, M.D.,

The Lippman Center for Optimal Health

Nutritional, homeopathic and physiological doctor recommended by Lori Michiel FitnessCathie-Ann Lippman received her M.D. in 1973 from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. After a pediatric internship at L.A. County USC Medical Center, she studied Adult and Child Psychiatry at UCLA and was Board Certified in each specialty in 1980. When Dr. Lippman became dissatisfied with the limitations of a psychiatric focus, she changed her practice from psychiatry to alternative medicine in order to address the whole individual.

Dr. Lippman’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the whole person, including psychological, nutritional and physiological influences, as well as environmental factors, make her uniquely qualified to examine how these various influences affect the patient. Her special approach enables her to prioritize the actions one should take to regain health. Dr. Lippman often recommends that patients do laboratory studies to confirm the presence and severity of infections, toxicities or deficiencies. She then makes recommendations for change in diet as well as employing homeopathics, nutritional supplements and/or herbs to effect the desired changes.

Dr. Lippman is certified in Neuro Cranial Integration and Quantum Neurology®, two techniques for rehabilitating the nervous system.

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