Eliminate boredom. Fight back.By tapping into your creativity it can inspire you to be more inventive.

Chances are there have been moments of sheer boredom or a feeling of apathy as our ever-changing world evolves. We repeat the same words, “I’m bored”.

“Boredom is not the result of lack of things to do,” said James Danckert, a cognitive neuroscientist and co-author of “Out of My Skull: The Psychology of Boredom”. He suggests that boredom is “… a combination of mixed up emotions” that make people feel stuck, “and an unoccupied mind, that means they don’t feel purpose and aren’t expressing their abilities, interests and passions.”

It’s encouraging to know you don’t have to stay stuck long. Even if you look at old photos or videos of happy days, doing a specific activity that made you smile will make you smile again. Perhaps dancing at a wedding captured on film, an exercise routine you never thought you’d master or just relaxing by your favorite spot to read a book.

Boredom can be a gift. Research shows that when our minds wander, it’s the natural path to creativity. Learn something new even if it means mastering Zoom or learning a new language. You could create something with your hands using Papier-mâché, craft something you can give away or store as a remembrance, pull things from the garage before tossing them and build something for your grandchildren. Learn to tell stories, start a journal, start a new career, or memorize a script as if you were going into rehearsals. My 86-year-old husband practices this a few times a week. We’ve gotten creative where in the house we can film, so we have the right lighting and minimal noisy distractions. I also found I was good at directing and enjoyed it.

Exercise can also be an activity that breaks the boredom. Don’t allow it to become tedious. Make sure you are mixing it up, whether taking online Zoom classes, working with a trainer, working out in a park with your friends or doing it on your own. Work out with my Exercise Snack Videos, they’re short, fun, and good for you!

I don’t think you can completely avoid boredom. Enjoy the process and next thing you know; it’ll be time for bed, and you pick up where you left off tomorrow.

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