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Trainer for seniors at Lori Michiel FitnessAs a nationally ranked dog agility competitor, Nancy sought to find a science-based approach to help prevent recurring injury and to further enhance her athletic performance. In her endless pursuit of knowledge, she gathered a wealth of education and experience that has benefited her tremendously in improved health, fitness and athletic performance. This journey led Nancy to the study of assessment, corrective and functional exercise techniques which she enthusiastically shares with her clients.

Nancy has a strong dedication to customize safe, effective programs specific to the unique needs and goals of her clients, inspiring and assisting them to build a strong foundation by improving their mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, energy and overall sense of well-being.

Nancy’s current favorite activities include walking the beach with her cherished royal Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cassie and Charm, gourmet cooking and pairing fine wine with healthy food!

Nancy’s greatest rewards come from seeing her clients look, feel and function at their best as they restore pain-free joint range of motion and are able to enjoy their activities of daily living more fully.

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