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While at Bally Total Fitness, Sam developed a small group personal training class called “Core Strength and Flexibility”; and he is currently working on a new discipline called “Pure Power.

Sam wanted more experience and growth, and moved on to pursue his dream as a professional. Over the years, Sam has worked with many body types and has developed a practice based on “super slow” techniques, Yoga and Pilates.

Along with working with his private clients, in 20I2 Sam found himself employed by the Beverly Hills Country Club, where he provided assisted stretching and group exercise until the fall of 2015.

His philosophy is simple: Anybody can tell you “you can do it”; but it’s his job is to make sure you do it right and not hurt yourself; to challenge you along the way; help you increase your range of motion, power, strength; and give you better balance and stability. Better fitness equals a better quality of life.

Proper muscular stimulation will make you function and feel better and help you regain confidence about how you bio-mechanically move about in your everyday life.

He has extensive experience in dealing with the following:

Pre/Post Op——————-Knee Replacement

Pre/Post Op——————-Hip Replacement

Pre/Post Op——————-Back Surgery resulting in metal hardware (screws/bolts/pins) implants

Spinal Stenosis—————Resulting in LBP (lower back pain), upper leg pain

Spinal Cord Damage———Resulting in total paralysis

Lower Back Pain————-Resulting from tight hamstrings, gluteus, and piriformis muscles

Leg/Knee Pain—————-Resulting from tight quads, IT bands, deviated patella, tight gastrocnemius

Neck Pain———————Resulting from cervical fusion and/or tight levator scapulae, rhomboids, and trapezius muscles

Sam raced giant slalom on an amateur level for three years and still skis today. His not-so-new passion is riding a road bike. He rides just about every week. He works out somehow every day, and practices functional fitness to a high degree.

Sam is a third generation certified personal trainer with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and NASM-CES certified (Corrective Exercise Specialist), and certified by AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) for five years, along with “floor core and more”, and “weight training group exercise” certifications. He is a dedicated professional that continues to explore and educate himself to provide focused and safe fitness training. He is proud to be working with Lori Michiel Fitness.

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