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Marha has been in the fitness industry since 1996 and is here to help with any fitness challenge. She is a teacher, coach, personal trainer and fitness enthusiast.

As a dancer in New York City doing TV commercials, modeling and music videos, Marha had some phenomenal teachers. She understood what it was like to get into peak shape. She understood the mind-set, focus, determination and drive to get the work done. She became obsessed with understanding the perfection and precision of the body and muscular control.

Marha received an RBA in Athletic Training Sports Medicine at Shepherd University. While working on her degree, she studied Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Motor Learning Skills and Prevention of Athletic Injuries. She worked in the Athletic Training Room and designed training programs for rehabilitation and conditioning. She was chosen to be the on-field trainer for the soccer team. Some of her certifications include: Advanced NASM, Anusara Yoga, Dance, Post Rehabilitation, Flexibility, Aqua Dynamics and Pilates.

Marha’s professional objective is to use her expertise as a fitness enthusiast to challenge, coach and encourage individuals so they can reach their goals towards a better lifestyle, self-esteem and health.

Maintaining a fitness goal takes great courage–whether you are a novice or an advanced fitness enthusiast. Marha believes that fitness must be a way of life if you are to achieve optimal health.

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