Post-Rehab Training to Avoid Setbacks

It’s never too soon nor too late to begin a fitness program – Whether you’re interested in preventing disease or ensuring a chronic condition doesn’t get the best of you.

Mobile Training In The Privacy of Your Home

Training conveniently at your home, office, pool or trainer’s gym – anywhere you need it.

private training
arthritis classes


Community Arthritis Classes: both seated and standing

Stay active and reduce your risks – defy the odds!

Make the best of your 50’s and beyond

What, exactly, do Personal Fitness Trainers (PFTs) do? Find out here!

personal fitness trainers
menopausal symptoms


Small group classes designed for women experiencing menopausal symptoms in midlife

Our Services include corrective exercise, post-rehabilitation, balance/fall prevention and mobility/strength training.

Lori Michiel Fitness offers safe, adaptive exercises to accommodate your ability and skills.

Whether you want to whittle your waist, prevent diabetes, stave off osteoporosis or merely feel years younger…you’ve come to the right place. The Lori Michiel Fitness team of certified health and fitness professionals can’t wait to design your personalized exercise program, and then work with you to ensure you meet your personal fitness goals, while enjoying every session.

Designing safe and effective training programs for older adults requires a variety of skills, including knowledge gained through education and past experience, and the ability to communicate effectively. Our trainers are uniquely proficient at designing safe, integrated programs that allow you to make the most of your “Fifty and over” years.

Once you experience the Lori Method, which may include a combination of balance training, cardio endurance, muscular fitness, Pilates techniques and yoga movements, you’ll see significant improvements in your health and fitness. A boost in energy, improved balance and flexibility, increased bone density, strengthened and toned muscles, reduced arthritis symptoms, and improved sleep and mood…these are just some of the results we see every day. We look forward to helping you live life to its fullest — at any age.